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When choosing the star fabric (yellow in the below photo) you want it to stand out and say I am here but not so much so that it over powers the appliqued animals sending them into the background of the quilt. This has happened to me and hence there was much ripping out with the seam ripper which was well worth the effort in the end. Always keep in mind, the animals are meant to be the star attraction of the quilt not the stars.

When choosing your fabrics you want the star fabric to contrast against the 4-patch star fabric. This will ensure that the points of the stars stand out and the stars can be seen. If there is little contrast in the fabrics then the points get swallowed up into the fabric beside them leaving the star with only seven points rather than the intended eight.

Notice how the points of the stars blend into the orange with blue flowers square beside it, this is because there is not enough contrast between the two coloursStar sashing in Zoo Friends online class quilt (animal party)

Here there is lots of contrast between the square and the star points so they stand out4-patch star block with star sashing


.... Jennifer Houlden

The above is just one useful tip you will learn in Zoo Friends, an online quilting class by Jennifer Houlden.

About Zoo Friends: Zoo Friends is sure to brighten up any child's room and provide hours of enjoyment. This class will cover many basics of quilting along with colour, fabric selection, precise piecing, fusible applique with machine blanket stitch and machine quilting. In the first lesson, you will pick your fabrics for the blocks and sashing as well as sewing those 4-patch star blocks together. Read more...

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