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Ruth Blanchet's free software for quilters online workshopIt is such a good feeling to have another class completed - it's been a number of years! I've been working diligently this year to get my latest completed with lots of writing, rewriting, creating and editing images, and making over 30 videos. I believe I counted 35 in total! 

So what's this workshop about? It's all about using GIMP, Inkscape and Posterazor (plus a few other tools) for quilters. I show how I edit images, combine them and prepare photos to create quilts as well as drawing templates, enlarging them and basically, how to use these open-source programs.

The great thing about open-source programs is, they are free to download and use but more importantly, they do everything a quilter would need to do so you don't need to purchase very expensive software! In fact, these programs do everything that other software programs do and you can make very professional looking templates or just learn how they can assist you in creating your next quilt whether it be selecting fabrics or making applique shapes.

It is probably a good thing to note that, this workshop has no sewing or quilting instructions, it is purely about using these programs successfully. However on the quilting side, while creating this class and its videos, I had fun creating my own designs by drawing up some templates of my grandchildren.

posterized image of Thomas Posterize image of Amy and Isabella

Of course, you do not need to get that detailed at all. You can make the simplest of projects like my yellow rose which is currently a work in progress (I'll update you on that later).

image manipulation using GIMP and Inkscape software

So if you want to learn how to use these free computer programs to aid you in creating your next quilt, workshop or quilt pattern, join me to learn how. Find out more...

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