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bargello bluesOne of the very first quilts I designed back in the early 1990's was a Bargello quilt. I had never made a Bargello quilt before but I did have this vision of one in my mind so I put it together and named it Bargello Blues. I sold the original and then many years later made a new quilt as I wrote my online workshop. This class still proves to be popular for those who are interesting in learning how to create their own Bargello designs or simply how to learn advanced Bargello piecing skills.

Bargello Blues was then later written as a pattern which is still available today for those who only need the instructions (see here for the pattern), but for quilters who want to learn a lot more and have already made a Bargello or two, then checking in as a student is definitely worth your while. (btw if you have never made a Bargello quilt, I suggest you take a look at Bargello Seasons which is my beginner's class)

Many ask me why I do not use the tube technique for my Bargellos. I do, but only for basic bargellos like you find in my beginner's class, however, the tube technique has no advantage in advanced projects so there is no point in creating them.... it is all about observing repetitive patterns and for this we use Bargello Blocks rather than tubes. In fact, Bargello Blocks are easier to work with as there is less chance to make crooked strips.

Today I wanted to share with you a few of the Bargello quilts my past students have made. It is so much fun seeing the different colors they used in their Bargellos so click on the video below and watch. Do take note of the last two designs which were created in the design section of my workshop.


If you have taken this workshop before and would like to share your project, please feel free to send a photo to me. I'll be happy to add it in this video.

 About Bargello Blues Workshop: Master advanced techniques in Bargello by constructing this design step by step. Making Ruth's Bargello Blues quilt will help you discover the techniques used in advanced Bargello and prepare the groundwork for creating your own design. Understanding the construction will allow you to move to the next level - designing your very own bargello. We strongly recommend Ruth's Bargello Seasons as a prerequisite for this class or at least made a bargello quilt or two. Read more...

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