Do you have great waves and waterfall photos?

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So, over the summer did you go on vacation and take some great waves and waterfalls pictures? Come join Waves & Waterfalls (an online workshop I teach) and make those memories into wallhangings! Learn how to make realistic waterfalls, crashing waves, seafoam and rapids, as well! Come see how you can combine roving, Angelina fiber, bubbled up sheer fabrics, Puff Paint, fabric paint, and painted melted cellophane to really bring those photos to life! Here are my two most recent waves and waterfalls quilts -

Tangle Falls at Jasper National Park - It’s really hard to count the number of waterfalls in this one, but they all combine into one great river crashing over the rocks. If you look carefully, you’ll see two eagles, 4 bears, a wolf, 3 curly horned rams and even a moose!

Tangle Falls quilt by Linda Schmidt

Tangle Falls

Detail of Tangle Falls quilt showing eagles

Closeup of Eagles in quilt

Detail showing Three Bears in Tangle Falls quilt

Can you see the Three Bears

My most recent “waves” piece is Mont St Michel - a cathedral, monastery, and town just off the northern French coast. Based on my own photo, it was great fun to paint the sky, paint the buildings and reflections, then add a whole lot of complicated quilting and crystals to really make it shine!

Mont St Michel quilt by Linda Schmidt

Mont St Michel quilt

Detail of Mont St Michel quilt

Detail of Mont St Michel quilt

In my Waves and Waterfalls class, you do a couple of class projects, then begin your own, inimitable, landscape based on your own photo. I’ll help you incorporate all sorts of fun techniques into making this landscape a true Masterpiece!

....Linda Schmidt

About Waves & Waterfalls: Join Linda for an exploration of many non-traditional techniques for making moving water, including twisted tuck waves and painted waves. You will embellish with beads, Angelina, Tinzl and Shiva Paintstiks. In the first three lessons, you will make waves. Lessons Four through Six start with a photo of Yosemite Falls and advance to a waterfall of your own creation. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. This class involves many different techniques and will require a substantial time commitment. The Supply List includes many of the same items used in Linda's Elements in Fabric class. Read more...

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