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Posted by Joanne Winn on 11 February 2015 | 1 Comments

Appliqué is applying layers of fabric to a base fabric to make a design. Embroidery machines have made this beautiful type of quilting very easy. As in hand appliqué, an appliqué design for the embroidery machine is meant to last for many years. To have this happen, we have to lay a good foundation or underlay and the edges of the fabric have to be very well attached to the base fabric and have no chance of raveling.

Tip: I add a small amount (1/2" - 1") to the actual cut size of the background fabric for the blocks. It is much easier to square up your block to the cut size after you have stitched your embroidery or applique. The push pull of the machine and the large amount of stitches can distort the block. This will let you press and block the piece and then trim to the correct cut size.

We will be stitching several quilt blocks in the class "Embroidered Applique". I felt like I was writing a book instead of a class with everything I wanted to include. I finally decided that the methods or techniques of stitching the appliqué was the important information that you needed to learn. Lesson Four will contain information on different quilt layouts for you to use these designs. The purpose of this class is for you to learn how to stitch appliqué using a home sewing machine with an embroidery module. Mega hoop and Jumbo hoops are included in the instructions.

I will take you through this process and show you in step by step text and photos of stitching an appliqué design on the embroidery module.

Following are some pictures of a few of the many designs we will be stitching in this class.

... Joanne Winn


Aster Quilt block

spring tulips

Spring Tulips

Triple Tulips

Triple Tulips (borders or sashing)

Long Tulips

Long Tulips (borders or sashing)

About Embroidered Applique: Embroidery machines have made it possible to appliqué beautiful full size quilt blocks in no time. You can make any shape you like and attach it to the background fabric. Let Joanne show you how to stitch multi-hooped designs as well as learn how to use the Mega Hoop with her step-by-step instructions. Read more...

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  • I'm interested how to do embroidery on a quilt only a beginner

    Posted by Judith bloomer, 15/05/2018 1:37am (3 years ago)

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