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Two of my favorite sewing/quilting projects to stitch come together in Embroidery on Patchwork. I have been in love with Crazy Patch embroideries since I was very young. It was all stitched by hand then. Now we have all these wonderful machines that stitch hundreds of beautiful line stitching as well as the machines that have an embroidery module. It opens a whole new way to do fancy stitching.

embroidery on patchwork project

Embroidery on Patchwork project

When we are buying a new machine we all ask how many fancy stitches does this machine have? How many of us really use them? I was going to call this class "Using What You Paid For". Whether you are using the embroidery module or the machine to stitch out this table runner you will have more than enough different stitches to make a beautiful table runner. Combining fancy stitches is so much fun. Sometimes it is a surprise what you can do. Yes, I am one of the quilters who do a test stitch out.

Embroidery designs and instructions for both methods of stitching are included in text and photos for this class. You will also get to try my method of non hooping if you own an embroidery machine.

Here are some photos of other crazy patch quilt stitching to give you inspiration for what you could design. I hope to see you in class.

..... Joanne Winn

embroidery on patchwork2b embroidery on patchwork2a
embroidery on patchwork

About Embroidery on PatchworkDo all of your family and friends own a tee shirt or sweatshirt that you embroidered for them? Learn how to use your embroidery module to combine embroidery with quilting. Joanne will teach you how to use either a home sewing machine with an embroidery module or a regular home sewing machine to stitch a beautiful tablerunner. The embroidery module tablerunner is stitched completely on the hoop of your embroidery module. The regular sewing machine method is not sewn in a hoop. Both methods have step-by-step instructions and photos to help you take advantage of all the wonderful stitches, motifs and embellishments your machine has to offer. Read more...

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