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"Printing your own fabric is simple. You put your fabric in the printer and press a few buttons, and you are set to go. BUT you can do so much more." 

How did Lily transform this....fabric printing1

into this... ??fabric printing2

Watch this short video that Lily has prepared for you to see what she does to create some wonderful fabric printables. She is demonstrating in Photoshop but almost any good photo editing program will have the two tools Lily uses. 

fabric printing video
You will learn so much more from Lily in her class Digital Fabric Printing, but first you might be asking "Why bother with printing my own fabric?". Here are some answers:
  • because there are times when nothing else will do the same thing
  • for creating unique fabric for sashing, borders and/or patches
  • for unusual garment fabric or embellishment
  • when you need a small amount of additional fabric (but respect copyright!)
  • for matching fabric for quilt restoration (may be no copyright problems here)
  • when the pattern scale needed is unavailable in commercial fabric
  • when you need coordinated fabric to go with a photo or other image
  • when you need a specific image
  • when you need multiple copies
  • as a base for further embellishment like thread painting, cross stitch, beading, felting
  • to reduce amount of sewing/construction time required


About Digital Fabric Printing: What is more fun than a trip to a new fabric store? Making your very own fabric. You can do it and no experience is required. In this technique and design class, Lily will take you from printing photographs on fabric to creating your own repetitive designs and printing them with your inkjet printer. With the availability of printer-ready fabric and better inks, quilters can now create custom-designed fabrics. Read more...


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