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A number of years ago, I designed a Christmas Tree Skirt for a friend. I designed it in such a way so that I could have a number of different options included. The tree skirt base is made up of blocks and wedges to form a circular design to fit the tree. There are several reasons why I have designed it this way.

  • It makes it very versatile where you can include applique or a pieced block or a combination of both.
  • It allows me to use a template ruler that can be printed out giving the correct measurement so no specialty ruler is required. This template can be easily used with a standard ruler to cut the required wedge.
  • This design easily allows me to reduce the diameter of the tree skirt evenly to fit any size tree.
  • I can use either one or two fabrics for the base and it will still look great.

The original version has poinsettias around it.

applique poinsettia tree skirt

My next was a pieced skirt with star blocks and applique snowflakes.

Pieced tree skirt with star blocks and applique snowflakes

I could have easily just used snowflakes all over it...

applique snowflake tree skirt

or I could use my fun gingerbread house block that I designed more recently. Now that would be bright and fun!

gingerbread house block

I am getting ready to make a new skirt as all the previous skirts I've given away so I really need one for myself, especially when the grandchildren come for Christmas. I am thinking I will create a two colored version like the photo below and perhaps do a redwork design around the outer edge.

two fabric tree skirt ready for quilting or embroidery

What do you think? I am planning to make this along side my students who are taking the class with me (this starts soon so perhaps you will join me? See details below). Perhaps I'll make up a new Christmas quilt design as I go. I'll definitely keep you up to speed on my progress.

About Decorate Your Christmas Tree (online workshop): Decorate your Christmas tree with a tree skirt using applique or patchwork. You can make any size base to suit your tree and then decorate it with as much or as little as you want. We have three Christmas applique designs - poinsettia, holly and snowflakes. If applique is not your thing, then you can insert your own pieced blocks instead. Ruth will show you how. Also included in this class are easy methods of quilting using either straight stitch quilting or free-motion techniques. You will love our videos that will support the easy-to-follow instructions and photos. Read more...

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