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Dark Celtic by Nancy ChongIf you (1) love hand applique -- or want to learn how to love it,

....and (2) love the look of Celtic knotwork designs, then this is the class for you. 

Nancy shows you how to use the Clover 1/4" Bias Tape Maker so it works every time, and shows you how easy and fun it is to hand sew these gorgeous, intricate-looking designs.  Imagine doing this not just on a quilt or table runner, but on a set of towels, or a skirt, or shirt.

Many of you have tried the Clover Bias Tape Maker (or other brands), but it just didn't work for you -- it didn't for Nancy either. So she figured out how to make it work without following their instructions. This great tip is just one of the things she teaches in her class, Celtic Knot Table Runner.

Caribbean Celtic by Nancy Chong

About Celtic Knot Table Runner: Celtic knotwork designs are captivating because of their intricacy and symmetry. Do not let that frighten you away. Now you can learn Nancy's stress-free methods and discover how easy it is to make this table runner. You will learn about marking fabrics (whether light or dark); learn a new, easier and quicker way to make bias tape; learn a wonderfully easy method to hand appliqué the Celtic bias strips in place; and explore options for inserting fabric, stained-glass-style, to create your own unique table runner. Read more...


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