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When I was a little girl I got a diary for Christmas. It was bound in blue and had a tiny key to keep it safe. I wrote faithfully for a few months, then abandoned it. Went to school. Rained today. Helped weed garden. It all got pretty boring after a while.

dandelionI wish I had known that I could have been writing about the adventure of being a kid. I could have been writing about the anticipation and then the excitement of finding the first dandelion of spring. We knew where to look - near the southeast corner of the church where the sun was warm and the north winds were blocked. A little later we would hold the cool blossoms between our toes as we braided long golden chains.

I wish someone had told me that I could have been writing about the mourning dove's nest we found in a neighbors' plum thicket. Two tiny white eggs in a nest made of barely enough twigs to hold it together. If the eggs hadn't been so white we'd never have seen it. Seventy some years later, I wish I could remember just why we were playing in that particular thicket along the road.

Or I could have written about the wonderful fragrance of our own plum thicket when you burrowed in to the heart of it. We had cleared a small space in the center of it as our special retreat, a place to read or dream. The sun through a cloud of tiny white blossoms was pure magic when experienced from underneath.

Or I could have written about the wonderfully scary experience of climbing into the soft maple tree out by the chicken house. Normally we only went about halfway up, but that time I climbed so high that the whole tree swayed with my weight. Once was enough. I never climbed that high again, but I've never forgotten the experience.

I wish I had known the difference between a diary and a journal back then. If you decide to join my Journal Quilt class opening this weekend at Academy of Quilting, I hope you will invite a child to journal with you.

..... Lily Kerns

More about Journal Quilts: If you saw them displayed in Houston or as they traveled around the US, you may have wondered how you could make similar quilts. Lily has prepared a class on making journal quilts that reflect you and your view of the world. By the time the class is over, you will have gathered many ideas, made three little quilts and found your own voice for creative quilt-making. Your journal quilts can be based on your life or explorations of color or technique. Read more...

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