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Recently Connie from Colorado joined my online class "Knot of Squares" aka Trinity Celtic Knot. The design pattern is by Deborah Cohen who designs patterns for us at Arbee Designs and she gave me the go ahead to write up a class which offers additional construction options and gives lots of details in how to construct it successfully. In fact, I included three different construction methods and three border variations to offer each student their preferred method of construction and desired look.

Connie chose option one using a lot of squares and a scrappy look (strip piecing and non-scrappy versions are also available), and today she is sharing her story with us of how she was persuaded to make a large quilt and achieved it with just a little help from me....

"When I signed up for the Knot of Squares class, and described it to my husband, he kind of growled about a 'square' quilt! So, I took the design and modified it so it wasn't square, just for him!

There were several times I got to practice my frog stitching because I had put pieces together backwards, but overall, it was a lot of fun!

Connie Martin made this huge "Trinity Celtic Knot" quilt in my online class

I ended up with 3,105 squares, three borders, and a total of 9,600 square inches! It is a total 120 by 80 inches! I guess some of us just don't know how to make it a "little bit" bigger! Thanks to Ruth who put up with my "meanderings" while I tried to get it all put together!

Thankfully, it was accepted by Rendezvous Quilts in Henderson, CO to be quilted, and I think she did a marvelous job! So for those who hesitate, "Jump in! There's lots of fun to be had!"

...Connie of CO

Connie, How many people were actually holding that quilt up?

About Knot of Squares: Whether you like to make scrappy quilts or use a three-color combination, you'll love making this patchwork of squares quilt design. It's a real patchwork effect with a celtic look as the colors intertwine with each other. Use fat eighths, fat quarters, yardage or scraps as small as 1 1/2" square. Knot of Squares is based on the popular quilt pattern "Trinity Celtic Knot" and is an ideal intermediate design, fun to make for any bedroom or as a cuddle rug. Make your quilt choosing one of the three sizes provided, three border options and three construction styles. Read more...

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  • There were actually four people making the effort to hold that quilt for me!

    Posted by Connie, 31/03/2015 9:39am (6 years ago)

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