Jolly Roger Good Time

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Mermaid Lagoon Jacket FrontI originally created this jacket because I went to Asilomar in Pacific Grove every year to take 5-day quilting classes with a variety of great teachers. Besides the teaching, there was usually some sort of wearables contest. That year, it was a jacket. Being on the seaside, the choice was easy – the Mermaid Lagoon Jacket was born. The body of the jacket is all sorts of sea colors, the yokes are underwater scenes with mermaids, jellyfish, trunks of doubloons and pearls, and sea creatures of any sort you can imagine. The jacket won both the Judge’s Choice and People’s choice monetary awards, and went on to win First Place at the National Quilt Association Show, Marin Needlework and Quilt Show, and many other awards. It also brought me to the attention of the Fairfield Fashion Show, and I was subsequently invited to make a Fairfield/Bernina garment four different times. Besides that, it’s comfortable, easy to wear, and washable – what could be better? So, come to class and get out all of your silk ribbons, pearls, fancy threads, beads, batiks, and fish fetishes and create your own Mermaid Lagoon Jacket!

Here's some snipits from the my online workshop:

We’ll start out the first week by tracing and constructing the seaweed backgrounds on the yokes, using reverse appliqué and couching...seaweed background construction

Then we’ll add the fun stuff – the mermaids, complete with hair made on Solvy...mermaid with thread hair made on Solvy

...add a treasure chest and some fishes in the deep blue sea...treasure chest with opening

Once the yoke is basically done, we’ll create the fabric for the jacket from all sorts of sea themed batiks...sea themed batiks makeup yoke

Add batting and quilt it all down. Once it’s quilted, we can then
add fish and jellyfish and pearls whatever else you can think of...quilted jacket with embellishments added

Sew the whole thing together, and rejoice in a brand new, unique jacket! Along the way, you will learn a lot of new sewing techniques, embroider with silk ribbon, embellish with pearls and beads, and just have a Jolly Roger good time.

Come play with me!

... Linda Schmidt

About Mermaid Lagoon Jacket: Get out all of your silk ribbons, pearls, fancy threads, beads, batiks, and fish fetishes. Create your own Mermaid Lagoon Jacket! As you create this lovely jacket, Linda will teach you reverse machine appliqué, couching, silk ribbon embroidery, beading, fabric painting, machine embroidery on dissolving substances, and how to create small people in fabric. Illustration shows close up of yoke. All aboard for Mermaid Lagoon! Intermediate level. read more...

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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