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I spent a bit of time one morning this week with two gentlemen from the local hospital discussing options to improve their handicap parking. It was interesting because, as it turned out, we were all possibility thinkers. In a very short time we had agreed on the best of several options. In the process we had also discovered several related ideas that no one had ever come up with before. It will take some time to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, but as I left, they were discussing how to get estimates to get the project started. That's the value of possibility thinking. Things start to happen!

I have a friend who makes her quilts in series. She explores possibilities as she goes. They are always unique and wonderful! Me? Almost never, but by the time I get something finished I have explored at least as many possibilities in my head as my friend has. It really doesn't matter how you work. It does matter that you don't always settle for the first--and probably obvious--idea that pops into your mind.

Lily's free coloring book for her Journal Quilt online workshop That was the fun of the original Journal Quilt Project. There were no rules except for the display size and you could do absolutely anything you chose to do. And people did just that! Their quilts recorded what was going on in their lives, what they were playing with or were curious about. Getting to actually see one of these exhibits at Houston was an unforgettable experience.

Probably the hardest part of making Journal quilts is simply getting started and in this class I won't give you any rules, just some different ways to get started by discovering possibilities in ordinary things, ideas and techniques.

So in honor of Possibility Thinkers, whoever they are, I made a special coloring book as your bonus for this session. They are circular images, although not really mandalas. And they are all possibilities found in a single Japanese family crest style line drawing of plum blossoms. Who would have guessed?

And yes, you have permission to use these designs as your own starting points for more possibility thinking if you wish!

Lily Kerns

About Journal Quilts: If you saw them displayed in Houston or as they traveled around the US, you may have wondered how you could make similar quilts. Lily has prepared a class on making journal quilts that reflect you and your view of the world. By the time the class is over, you will have gathered many ideas, made three little quilts and found your own voice for creative quilt-making. Your journal quilts can be based on your life or explorations of color or technique. You can use techniques you have learned in other classes or that have piqued your interest in books or magazines. Read more...

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