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Rose Hughes makes amazing quilts using her unique techniques. She teaches these in her workshop "Shaping Up With Fast-Piece Applique" at the Academy of Quilting. Today she is my guest blogger as she shares with us a little bit about her journey...

I am a lucky soul for I make time every day to do something that makes my heart take wings.

Moonrisew (quilt by Rose Hughes)As we move into a new year I am struck by the amazing amount of possibilities that lay before me. There was a time – somewhere back around 1995-96 when I went searching for a way to get hillsides and ravens into my quilting world. Since I was not really crazy about traditional applique it was a bit of an upward struggle.

I took workshops from many teachers and slowly I started to piece together (pun intended) a way to mix applique and piecing. It started slowly as I learned curved-improvisational piecing from Nancy Crow, and an array of machine applique techniques from David Walker. But quilt by quilt it started to form into a very easy, reliable and forgiving method. I worked out a few kinks, and Fast-Piece Applique was born.

I started sharing and teaching this method around 2000 in between my corporate work, and in 2003 I jumped at a chance to leave that all behind and work entirely in the quilt world. In my first book, Dream Landscapes (2008) I got a chance to share Fast-Piece Applique and its use to bring landscapes together in fabric. Two other books followed, Exploring Embellishments (2010) and Design, Create Quilt (2012). Now as 2015 rolls out, so does my latest book, Fast-Piece Applique, Easy Artful quilts by machine.

In it there are ways 8 different ways to use Fast-Piece Applique to Make (almost anything) It Sew!

My Shaping Up with Fast-Piece Applique workshop is designed to teach you the basics. I am there next of you, guiding the way – letting you see that you can have fun designing a quilt, and quickly bring it into its fabric life.

Rose Hughes

by the light of the moon

By The Light of the Moon

Duaility I

Duaility I

About: Rose Hughes uses quilting and her love of art to express her vision of life’s stitched magic. She loves using her Fast-Piece Appliqué™ method to transform curved shapes of colorful fabrics, and build her quilt tops layer by layer. Rose sprinkles these quilt tops of custom fabrics, rich silks, hand-painted and commercial cottons with texture, and add shiny magic with yarns, beads, wool along with found and handmade embellishments. Read more about Rose on her website:



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