Make Your Own Beautiful Colors in Wool

Posted by Marjorie McWilliams on 18 March 2015 | 0 Comments
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Ever wonder how in the world an artist takes this... wool before dyeing

and makes it look like this....dyed yarn in a hank

so that you can make it look like this?knitted dyed yarn

While I won’t teach you how to spin or knit with your hand dyed roving or yarn, I WILL show you how to dye it all these gorgeous colors and more! Yes, you can dye many colors or one color or several values on your wool yarn, felt, flannel, or roving. It’s easy! Acid dyes are key to your success. I will also include how to use flowers, tea, spices, and other organic ingredients to make soft subtle colors.

.... Marjorie McWilliams

About Wool Dyeing: It’s easy to dye your own custom colors on wool fibers such as flannel, felt, roving or yarn. In this five lesson course, I will show you how to dye solid colors, mottled colors, bright or pastel colors, and combinations of hues on the same piece of wool for a spectrum of beautiful results. Making your own colors will take your wool projects to a new level of artistic sophistication and professionalism. Read more...

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