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I absolutely love sharing photos of quilts made by others. The following three quilts are made by Janice Chiaffredo of Gainesville, Georgia after completing Elizabeth Barton's online workshop "Working in Series". This series is called "At the Beach" and they are all finished at 13" X 17".

Janice shared a little about her experience in Elizabeth's class:

At the Beach number 1 by Janice Chiaffredo

"The images were started during a time when I hadn't seen my grandchildren for a while. I thought about how children enjoyed being at the beach in the summertime. Every child remembers building Sandcastle's on the beach and then watching the elements turn their building flat. I wanted to do a progression of the water creeping toward the Sandcastle. I ended up with three Sand buildings- the cabana, the pirate ship and the castles. In the final image of the castles the water is at its strongest. The series was started in Elizabeth Barton's online class working in a series. Elizabeth encouraged my goal of finishing the series and for that I am grateful. Without her guidance, my first series would have never been completed."  
...Janice Chiaffredo of Gainesville, Georgia

At the Beach number 2 by Janice Chiaffredo At the Beach number 3 by Janice Chiaffredo










How delightful this little series is! This certainly brings back memories for me as I spent time on our local beaches at the top of the South Island (New Zealand) playing in the sand as a young girl at Rabbit Island and Tahunanui Beach, and Pakawau with a friend in the school break. 

Of course, when you create a series of quilts, it can be a series about anything! Have you made a series of quilts? You might want to join this class for expert advice and guidance from Elizabeth Barton.

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