Memorabilia Quilt Part 2

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If you missed part one of this Memorabilia Quilt post, please check back to Memorabilia Part One.

Finishing this quilt has turned into a bit of a challenge. I have been thinking about the quilting. Ultimately, my decision is, this is a wall hanging and it's about the memories the items bring to mind. It is not about the quilting. The quilting merely holds the layers together. So for this, I quilted in the ditch around most of the items. I also quilted rather minimally and only through the polyester batting.

Memorabilia Quilt - quilting through the batting

One of the reasons that I chose to keep the quilting to a minimum is the background fabric is rather busy and I think a lot of quilting will distract from the beauty of the fabric.

Memorabilia Quilt close upThe other big decision I had to make was how to finish the edges, binding, facing, color of binding. I thought of black binding as the fabric had a number of color shifts. I found it was too bold, it drew attention away from the important parts of the design. As a general rule I try use a binding fabric that is no darker than the darkest fabric and no lighter than the lightest fabric because it takes the focus away from the central objects.

Finally, I decided on the batik fabric. The colors blend, but are different enough to make a statement. The edge beading I chose to use works well with the fabric, it adds a bit of sparkle repeating some of the sparkle from some of the objects.

Memorabilia quilt by Anita Eaton

The quilt is almost complete. I need to attach hangers, and a label. But first it needs a name. Now that is always a challenge. Sometimes a quilt sort of names itself, but not this one. So far the only name that comes to mind is Travels and Treasures. Suggestions for a name would be welcomed - please leave me a message below in the comments.

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