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Memorabilia quilt by Anita EatonThis small wall hanging is my current work in progress. It is a small memory quilt, a collection of items that I have gathered over a number of years.

It is the sort of project that I had in mind when I designed my "Celebrations" class and Ebook about designing various kinds of quilts for special occasions or to display some memorabilia.

This has a handkerchief from my grandmother, the silk cocoons, and fabric, and the lovely beaded bookmark are all gifts from friends. The handmade lace is from a trip to Belgium, and so each piece has a story.

I tried a number of arrangements before settling on this. Achieving a balance in the size and number of pieces as well as the color relationships are all things to consider.

Now I am planning how to finish the piece. I have some threads for quilting, laid out along with a 1950's beaded trim from Pakistan, a gift from a friend who taught there for a number of years.

Memorabilia quilt with binding options

I believe that the quilting should be simple, and the colors related to the various parts of the background fabric because there is a lot of visual information and texture on the piece.

Another thing to consider is the binding or should the piece be faced. At this point, I think I am going to face the piece and then sew the beaded trim at the edge. The background fabric is busy, and adding the element of another colored binding could be distracting.

More thoughts to come when the piece is finished.

....Anita Eaton

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