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orchidOpportunities are brief moments in time; timing is everything… I say that a lot. We have many opportunities that come our way; often times we are distracted; or, maybe we aren’t ready. When it is the right time, we are receptive, we are ready, that is when the chances for growth are optimal; which, in turn set up for opportunities.

  • I have the opportunity on the Academy of Quilting to meet you and share my knowledge about how I make art.
  • You have the opportunity to participate, learn new things and meet new people.
  • We have the opportunity to meet each other, discuss, and make a solid connection; one that presents a bountiful opportunity.

Making connections is vital for us. People with common interests become our support system. The ability to meet people online all over the world is still amazing to me. What an opportunity for sure.

abstract detail
Mixing Up Media (Now open for registration)

Deborah in her work areaCompiling and composing this course was quite challenging. Making art is my passion; however, explaining how I make art requires countless hours of writing, photographing, making samples, making art and more. I am proud of the results and delighted to present this compilation here.

Big Reveal: I have been working with certain mediums for the last ten years and I developed methods. These have been extracted, simplified and fine tuned to present to you in a manner that will be enlightening. My goal is to ignite a fire in your creative spirit and guide you along the way, to stretch and grow, discover your style no matter of your level.

Win-Win: We make a new connection and the best part - you will take away more than you started with.

Mixed Media translates to: The freedom to play and experiment. Mixed Media is a vague term; the sky is the limit. Thus, I have chosen to focus on a few particular materials and mediums; some that are unique and uncommon and my favorites. Materials such as: Interfacing, Tissue Paper and Silk Organza. Mediums such as: spray inks (Adirondack Color Wash and Dylusions)

Join me, let’s make something wonderful together. Enter my virtual studio and observe the action. In my younger years if I had had an opportunity like this, I would have jumped on it, and now you can.

.... Deborah Babin

About Mixing Up Media: The focus of this workshop is to experience selected products and materials that produce amazing results. You are invited to join Deborah’s guided tour of Mixed Media. As you experience various mediums you will gradually come to realize the multitude of possibilities; your creativity will be unleashed. In addition, you will get to peak at Deborah's methods that she has used successfully for many years. Read more...

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