No Patterns, No Rules!

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No patterns, no rules! The aim of this workshop is to learn how to work from your ideas and discover your own personal voice. In the process, we will cover the basics of good design within the context of the art quilt.

We will discuss all the steps from the initial idea through the formulation of a strong composition and into the construction of a quilt. We will take three weeks to generate a lot of designs, and evaluate them, and to decide on a strong color scheme. In the final week, we will address the construction, quilting and finishing of your quilt.

Remember: a great composition does not happen by accident. It takes planning, patience and knowledge. It requires you to think. Also, it is important to know that the best learning is achieved by doing. Just reading a recipe is not as good as actually cooking and certainly not as tasty. "Vision is not enough," wrote playwright Vaclav Havel. "It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs."

... Elizabeth Barton

Students who have already taken this workshop achieved the following results.

Dee Dee's -  How the light falls on Illiers Combray

Dee Dee's quilt "How the light falls on Illiers Combray"

donna quilt

Donna's quilt

Hallsie barn assembly

Hallsie's barn

About Inspired to Design: Learn how to develop designs for art quilts based on your photographs. Your inspiration can be flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, patterns in nature, engines – anything! How do you go from a visual or aural idea to a finished design? Elizabeth will show you how to develop your drawings and how to use the shape, line, color and value to bring them to life. You will create designs that are abstract, impressionistic and realistic, and then choose one to make in fabric. Read more...

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