November's on-demand class review - part 10

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The last five On-demand classes make up today's presentation - part 10. These include an easy method of stained glass and an easy way to applique using fusible webbing. I also have three more classes of my own in the list, foundation piecing in Mariner's Compass, a free form patchwork style with Patchwork with a Twist and the every popular quilters tote Tote That Mat. Check them out below:

1: Too Easy Stained Glass with Daphne Greig

Daphne Greig's online workshop "too easy stained glass"

Let’s face it. Quilters love fabric, but some fabrics are hard to use. Those wonderful landscape fabrics will not be the same if we cut them into tiny pieces. What to do? Daphne has the perfect solution.

Framing your quilt with leading lines creates an often surprising new view of your fabrics, drawing the eye in and giving greater attention to your focus fabric. You will learn a no-bias, no-glue stained glass technique. As you make a small project, Daphne will show you the Too Easy steps that set this approach apart from other methods. You will then explore further design options for a variety of fabrics and sizes. All Levels.

Learn more about Too Easy Stained Glass...


Michele Scott's online workshop "Using Fusing to Express Yourself"2: Using Fusing to Express Yourself by Michele Scott

Using fusible webbing and seamless piecing along with decorator threads and yarns, you will design and create a small quilt. The doors of creativity will open in this fast and fun class as you investigate free form cutting to build collage-type artworks that express you!

Michele will show you how raw edge appliqué with fusible web, free motion machine quilting and embellishment can be used to express something important to you: a feeling, a person or a place.

Additional focus will be placed on color and line that can translate your feeling. All levels.

Learn more about Using Fusible to Express Yourself...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Mariner's Compass"3: Mariner's Compass

Learn to make perfect points with various methods of foundation piecing in this 2-lesson class. This class includes a simplified Mariner's Compass for beginners as well as the advanced block you see here.

Not only will you learn foundation piecing but also a number of quilting options. These are ideal for creating the perfect background which will enhance your compass block. 

Mariner's Compass is approximately 22" finished. See requirements for additional information.

Learn more about Mariner's Compass...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Patchwork with a Twist"4: Patchwork with a Twist

This is a fun patchwork quilt class designed for beginner to advanced quilters alike. No precise 1/4" seam and cutting does not have to be accurate until the end when you square up the blocks.

Lots of tips are included with easy piecing instructions and video support so you can learn the technique with ease.

Multiple sizes are included with the opinion of a single background or alternating block background effect. Our video enhances the class with step-by-step construction of the block. You really cannot go wrong with this easy to make block.

Ruth has the answer to any mistake you may think you are making, even a crooked cut strip!

Learn more about Patchwork with a Twist...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Tote That Mat"5: Tote That Mat

Do you lug that awkward cutting mat around on a day out quilting, either to a class or with a friend? There was always a need to make many trips back and forth to the car or worse, you left something behind that you needed for the day. A Quilter's tote is what you need!

This tote is designed with many pockets, two large patch pockets, one used for your mat and the other for you large 15” square. It also includes a long pocket for your 24” x 6” ruler and a series of small pockets for rotary cutters, pins, needles, scissors, thread and much more.

You can adjust some of the pockets too. Let Ruth help you make a tote to suit your equipment.

Learn more about Tote that Mat...

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