November's on-demand class review - part 3

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For part 3 of my presentation of on-demand classes, I will list three of my own classes. Currently, I have over 20 online workshops, some are scheduled while others are on-demand. The focus on scheduled workshops is the one-to-one teacher help for the given time (much longer than physical in-person workshops where you only have a day or two which is shared with other students!).... but back to my on-demand classes which have continuous access meaning you can start anytime. Of course, you still have access to the teacher for help in these classes too.

The three on-demand classes I have chosen today are all very different:

1: Christmas Holly Wreath

Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Christmas Holly Wreath"

This design has been a Christmas best selling pattern, but it can be much more than just a pattern. My step-by-step instructions, enhanced with tips and tricks, will guide you through this entire project in a timely manner while learning several different methods of applique and quilting.

But why stop there? You can change out the Holly leaf for an Oak leaf to make a Thanksgiving wreath or even a Maple leaf for an Autumn wreath.

The class is three lessons long and begins with selecting fabrics and colors to use, includes easy to use methods of applique, teaches quilting techniques and finishes with ideas to add your label and embellishments. Class Project is 28" square but you can make the size to suit yourself.

Learn more about Christmas Holly Wreath...

Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Knot of Squares" derived "Trinity Celtic Knot"2: Knot of Squares

Whether you like to make scrappy quilts or use a three-color combination, you'll love making this patchwork of squares quilt design. It's a real patchwork effect with a Celtic look as the colors intertwine with each other.

Use fat eighths, fat quarters, yardage or scraps as small as 1 1/2" square. Knot of Squares is based on the popular quilt pattern "Trinity Celtic Knot" designed by Deborah Cohen of Australia and is an ideal intermediate design, fun to make for any bedroom or as a cuddle rug. 

The workshop is written by me in three different sizes and three different variations of construction. There is also three border options to choose from.

Learn more about Knot of Squares...

Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Quilt the Zodiac"3: Quilt the Zodiac

This quilting class gives you all the zodiac signs as applique patterns - you can make just one for a jacket or tote, or make the full set for a quilt.

Instructions include various layouts for quilts using any amount of blocks to make a family quilt of zodiac signs. Projects for individual signs are also included - projects such as cushions and totes.

This is a fun quilting class, where you learn three different techniques of applique and many options of quilting.

Learn more about Quilt the Zodiac...

Will you join me? I love seeing what your project turns out like.

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