November's on-demand class review - part 6

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In Part 6 of our on-demand classes selection I have decided to list a few more of my own classes. As a teacher, I'm never too far away to help with questions you might have and in class we have an area for this where you can also see what other students have asked. 

My presentation shows four on-demand classes by me:

1: Machine Quilting

Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "machine quilting"

Are you one of the many quilters who do not know how to finish off their quilt tops? My online class will provide you with the answers on how to beautifully finish them off with machine quilting. This class teaches you about suitable batting and thread to use as well as the importance of layering and how to do it correctly.

Then you get to practice the various styles of quilting on your sample block. Follow detailed instructions and photos with one-on-one help from your teacher if needed. The video footage gives you a bird's eye view as if you are looking over the teacher's shoulder but the advantage of replaying it as often as you wish.

Learn everyone's favorites, Stitch-in-the-ditch and Stipple quilting, as well as less commonly known styles such as echo and contour quilting. With over 35 years of experience in quilting, I have many tips and tricks to share with you. I will even give you suggestions on how to quilt your already pieced quilt tops. Join me and experience the joy of quilting your own quilt tops.

Learn more about Machine Quilting...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Printing On Fabric"2: Printing on Fabric

Learn how to take your favourite photographs and print them onto fabric using your ink jet printer and computer. I will take you through the process of preparing fabric to accept the photograph and then show you four creative ways to use your fabric photos in projects.

You will be able to make quilt labels, fabric books and a small memory wall hanging. In the last project, you will use a scenic photo as the base for thread painting. This exciting technique will open the doors to many possibilities in quilt making.

Level: basic quilting and sewing skills. Must be comfortable with your printer and scanner. You need either MS Word or a graphics software program to create labels.

Learn more about Printing on Fabric...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "twisted bargello"3: Twisted Bargello

Twisted Bargello is a new and exciting way to create Bargello. With a few easy changes, your design will break away from the regular Bargello rules. The quilt will no longer stretch out horizontally, like traditional bargello, but will reflect and rotate. Use irregular strip widths and move away from the predictability of a

Use irregular strip widths and move away from the predictability of a color run. I will guide you through each step of the process, helping you choose from multiple options in design, fabrics, color and quilting ideas.

Level: This is an advanced Bargello class. I strongly recommend you are familiar with Bargello contraction before attempting this class. If you are just beginning, consider enrolling in Bargello Seasons before taking this class.

Learn more about Twisted Bargello...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "Advanced layered machine applique"4: Layered Machine Applique

Traditional appliqué begins with a background fabric and adds shapes to the surface to create a design. The background is cut away beneath the shapes to give you a smooth surface. I throw that idea out the window in this modern approach to creating quilt art pictures.

In this unique applique method, you will learn to add layers on top of each other, trimming some away to create the illusion of depth and leaving others to promote dimensionality. The multi-colored grapes are stacked one on top of another as they would be in a real cluster. Topstitching and heavy quilting contribute to the overall effect of perspective and shading.

You can make the grape design as shown or alter it to reflect your own vision. Level: Intermediate.

Learn more about Layered Machine Applique...

Do you have a favorite? All these classes are quite different so it's hard for me to place one above the other!

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