November's on-demand class review - part 9

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Five more On-demand classes to present today. This is part 9 of my presentation and another mix of classes. One of the great thing about our classes is that they are all very different so there is always something new to learn depending on which direction you want to take. Why not learn something new today?

Today's presentation shows the following five on-demand classes:

1: Celebrations by Anita Eaton

Anita Eaton's online workshop "Celebrations"

While there are a couple of patterns offered in this class it is mostly based on individual design for a Celebration piece. Personalize your wall hanging for any occasion including wedding, graduation, and birth, just to name a few, using elements, colors, embellishments etc. 

This is a great time to be creative while learning new techniques to apply to your quilt. Anita offers help and guidance with placement of elements, fabric choices, sources of inspiration and anything else that relates to your project. One of the wonderful things about the digital age is the speed of communication - students can send photos, ask questions and Anita will offer suggestions, choices and new possibilities. By discussing your project with the class, other students can interact too and offer other suggestions that you might not have thought of. Pick your occasion and join the fun.

If you don't need the one-to-one guidance Anita gives in her workshop, you can download the class as a pdf e-book. You can purchase this e-book here: Anita's Celebrations E-book

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Jane Hall's online workshop "Pineapples Plus"2: Pineapples Plus by Jane Hall

Have you been admiring the wonderful pieced pineapple designs you see at shows, books and magazines? This graphic Log Cabin variation is easy to construct using foundations, and once you learn the basics, there are so many alternatives for the pattern, you will be hooked.

From the classic traditional design to some incredible innovative pieces, Jane brings it all to you in this class. You will begin by making one block to learn the technique. At the end of class you will be pineappling with the best of them.

You will learn classic and off center designs as well as ways to vary them. There will be several small projects for you to make along the way, and ultimately you can choose to make a whatever size quilt you like, with infinite variations to make it your own design. It looks complex, but success is very attainable for all levels.

Learn more about Pineapples Plus...


Nancy Chong's online workshop "make your own hawaiian quilt"3: Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt by Nancy Chong

Even though Hawaiian quilts look difficult, they are surprisingly easy! In this class, Nancy will show you the easy step-by-step techniques to hand sew a Hawaiian quilt, as well as how to design your very own. You choose the size quilt you want to make, from single block to king, or any size in between. Then follow the instructions to design and make your own unique Hawaiian quilt.

The techniques are written for the beginner, but even experienced quilters will learn new and exciting procedures. If you previously took Nancy's Hawaiian Quilting 101, this class will expand your abilities so you can design any size quilt you want. All levels.

Learn more about Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt...


Barbara Dieges' online workshop "Sewfasst"4: Sewfasst by Barbara Dieges

When piecing, do you dislike sewing individually cut pieces of fabric together, especially along bias edges? Barbara does, so she developed the Sewfasst techniques. With these quick strip piecing techniques, you will not waste fabric. You will save time and end up with Bonus Patches that can be used in the borders or in other projects.

You will learn to make square diamonds, flying geese, quarter square patches, 4-patches and half square triangles. They are all sewn with squares and rectangles! We will look at a few of the many blocks that use these units and discuss how to adjust the sizes to fit your needs. Making the small class project is optional. Process is emphasized. Make samples or incorporate the techniques in a project of your choice. All levels of experience.

Learn more about Sewfasst...


Ruth Blanchet's online workshop "A Day In The Country"5: A Day in the Country by me (Ruth Blanchet)

In this online quilt class you begin by making the easiest block, the heart block. This is the first of 20 different blocks. During each lesson you will make several blocks, or even add some of your own! A favorite pet or animal. The color selection is left up to the individual student, but Ruth is always available to help when required.

There are many different techniques to learn including Blanket Stitch Applique, Dimensional Applique, Foundation Piecing, Machine Embroidery and Quilting, along with basic piecing, setting-in blocks and adding borders.

Learn more about A Day in the Country...

Which is your favorite?



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