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Posted by Lily Kerns on 24 February 2015 | 0 Comments
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Nobody likes a "know it all". I might come across that way occasionally, but believe me, I'm not.
When I was a kid, this little rhyme was making the rounds:

The more you study, the more you know.
The more you know, the more you forget.
The more you forget, the less you know.
So why study!

Somehow that has never worked for me. The more I learn, the more I find out I don't know. And I don't have to forget anything for that to happen!

CorelDraw is the perfect example. I've been using this program since version 3 and it is now X7. Read that as version 17. That's a lot of changes to keep up with but the basic tools of the program were an idea that still works. What keeps me learning? Sheer curiosity!

I've been playing with version X7 since it first came out and although I occasionally have to look up something, I'm comfortable with it. But guess what, curiosity took over and when I saw it was available, I downloaded a copy of CorelDraw: the Official Guide from (Curiosity is expensive, but it is cheaper when you download it for Kindle.)

Guess what! I learned several things in the first five minutes of looking through this book. No, I haven't finished it yet. It is more than 650 pages and it is not light fiction. There's still more to learn.

And you know what? I'm glad of that. It must be very boring to know it all!

CorelDraw was not intended to be a quilt design program, but it can do that too. When I drove 400 miles to attend a CD workshop, I was the only quilt designer out of about 50 people in attendance. This little video will introduce you to one of my favorite parts of designing for quilts, the ability to fit a photograph of anything into any shape. The fun part is that you can still play with both the image and the shape. You'll note that there are a few hmmmm's and oops in the video. That's to assure you that you don't have to be perfect or know it all to use this program!

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About Designing with CorelDraw: Designing with CorelDraw focuses on the tools that are most useful for quilt designers. CorelDraw is a professional level program used around the world for both design and illustration. It is also the easiest to use for this purpose of all the vector based programs I have tried. Class videos will focus on the newest version, X7, so you will need to download a free 30 day trial version when the class begins. Read More...

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