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If you have ever hit a wall where you think you have lost your mojo, your spark, or your creative magic, you will know that it sometimes takes a new medium, a new technique, or a spurt of inspiration from a completely different or unexpected source to get it going again. Fabric painting may be the springboard you need to snap you out of your creative doldrums, or to open up a whole new set of possibilities and options.

Here is a bit of a forum conversation I had with one of my fabric painting students:

Student: How do I paint the effects of water so it looks like it is underwater?

Marjie: All you have to do for the illusion of being under water is to really thin down a color and brush it lightly over the top of what is already there that is dry. If you want a blue "veil" of color, really thin down the blue. For a grayish blue, add a hint of white and an even teenier smidge of black to the blue and add water. Always test the color on a scrap of fabric before committing yourself. Again, if it looks horrid, wipe it off right away with a damp paper towel and remix a better color. Sometimes the very best solution for the underwater look is to ONLY paint a FEW ripples over the scene and allow the rest to remain open. So often when we look down into water, we can see to the bottom of the pool but the reflections are what we notice. Reflections can be blue (sky), gray (sky), white, or even brightly colored because the reflection is bouncing off of flowers or a plant or what have you; whatever is near the water.


Jan's fabric painting

No artistic “talent” or experience is needed to take this class. I love those students who feel nervous about drawing or painting. In fact, you are my favorites to teach because I love the excitement that comes from exploring new territory and gaining new confidence. All that is needed is a willingness to try. Come play with fabric paints and color. Let’s see what new avenues of exploration emerge and what broad new boulevards of potential open up for you!

... Marjorie McWilliams

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More Student's work...

Martha's fabric painted shell

Martha's fabric painted shell

Suzanne fabric painting quilted

Suzanne fabric painting quilted

Fabric painting by student - Marilyn

Fabric painting by student - Marilyn

Kathy's fabric painted salmon

Kathy's fabric painted salmon

About Fabric Painting: In this five-lesson course, we will learn how to use Jacquard Textile Colors. We will paint the spectrum of colors seeing how far we can push the limits as well as how to blend, thin the paints, use complimentary colors, and make shadows. More techniques discussed include how to transfer designs, layer colors, and also how to stretch or frame paintings or finish them off as fine art pieces. Using textile paints adds an exciting dimension to your fiber arts projects! Find out what requirements are needed here >>

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