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Barbara likes to use quicker and more efficient ways to make pieced units. ​She calls them Sewfasst. ​Some of the techniques may be familiar, but others show new ways to tackle pieced blocks. This is just one of several that are included in the class.

Instead of sewing a rectangle and squares together as you did for the Flying Geese, you are only sewing different sized squares together.

1. Cut ONE square. This will be the center on point square eventually, 1-1/4" larger than the desired finished size. The triangles in the corners finish to half the size of the block. Since they are half square triangles (HST), they are cut 7/8" larger than the finished size. For example:

  • For a finished 4" Square On Point patch, cut ONE 5-1/4" square and FOUR 2-7/8" squares.

2. On the back of the FOUR 2-7/8" squares draw lines as you did for the HST and Flying Geese.

3. Right sides together, place one small square so the line or lines are parallel to the corner of the large square. Make sure the corners and edges are well aligned. Pin in place. Right sides together, align another square in the opposite corner, also with the line parallel to the corner of the square. Pin in place. The squares MUST overlap at the center of the large square.

4. Sew the seam lines as you did with the HST and Flying Geese.

5. Trim off the outer triangles, corner to corner, between the seam lines. These are the Bonus Patches.

Step 5

Step 6

6. Press the remaining triangles open. The seam allowance will be under the half square triangles.

7. Right sides together, align two more squares on the unsewn corners. These squares must overlap the triangles at the top and bottom center edge as well as overlapping each other in the center of the large square.

Second pair of square overlap edges of first set and overlap each other in the center

8. Sew the seam lines as before.

9. Cut off the Bonus Patches, corner to corner, between the seam lines.

10. Press the remaining triangles open, so the seam allowances are under the triangles.

.... Barbara Dieges

About Sewfasst: When piecing, do you dislike sewing individually cut pieces of fabric together, especially along bias edges? Barbara does, so she developed the Sewfasst techniques. With these quick strip piecing techniques, you will not waste fabric. You will save time and end up with Bonus Patches that can be used in the borders or in other projects. You will learn to make square diamonds, flying geese, quarter square patches, 4-patches and half square triangles. Read more...

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