Students making Batik Fabrics

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I had some fun with my granddaughter putting together a short video of some fabrics made by students in Marjorie McWilliams class "Batik". The tune my granddaughter chose is very catchy and had her dancing around full of glee which is exactly how I'm sure the students felt after making their beautiful unique batik fabrics - so much fun!

Students making Batik Fabrics

About Batik (online workshop by Marjorie McWilliams): This course will teach you the traditional (and a few not so traditional) methods of the ancient art of batik. We will not be using soy wax but paraffin, bees wax, or a combination of the two along with Procion MX dyes. These five lessons are a combination of two batiking courses Marjorie taught at Quilt University with the addition of video so you get a bird's eye view of how she works. Read more...

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