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One idea leads to another... Don't you love it when one idea leads you to something quite different? I was trying to get to sleep but my mind was working on a problem - what to blog about for the Ozark Garden quilt class starting shortly. So here I am, talking about something quite different - Iris folding.

Iris folding uses slim folded strips of fabric stacked, log cabin-style to create a shape. You can find a number of these patterns in my Pinterest board, Foundation paper pieced (and while you are there, browse the Ozark Garden Quilt inspirations board as well.)

The Iris designs range from egg shapes to birds, boots and ball gowns. So what does thus have to do with a garden quilt? Well, let me share the scenario that popped into my head...

You start with a shape of some kind, a fairly compact shape preferably. Trace this on a larger piece of foreground fabric (your block.) You will reverse appliqué this over the foundation/iris piece of fabric you will now proceed to make. Of course, now that we are being creative, you could always cut your shape from that pieced fabric and applique it on your block if you prefer.

First you decide where the focal point should be. This could be central to the image or even where a highlight would be. Over this spot draw a shape, anything from a triangle to a nonagon (9-sided.) This should be at least one inch or larger depending on the scale of the large shape.

Now, using a ruler, surround this shape with fairly narrow rectangles, log cabin style, to create your pattern. Here is a screenshot of the design process (using CorelDraw):How to draw an Iris Fold design using a leaf shape

The next strip would be added on the left, then another at the top again. Note that the ends of each shape match the angles of the previous shapes, making the typical staggered corners of the log cabin style. Note also that these added shapes don’t have to be perfect rectangles as you adapt to your outer shape.

...Lily Kerns

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