The Next Step in Electric Quilt 7

Posted by Shirley Goodwin on 20 April 2015 | 0 Comments


Have you spent dollars on Electric Quilt program and don't really know how to use it or feel overwhelmed with all its features and don't know where to start? Shirley has written a second workshop, a follow on from her beginner's workshop to help you explore this program and become a confident user. This is what she has to say...

EQ7 - The Next Step” opens up a whole new world of possibilities for designing blocks and quilts. Explore the full range of powerful tools, while increasing your knowledge and confidence. Learn how to draw any kind of block - pieced, foundation pieced or appliqué. Edit, resize, clone and flip your designs to make new ones. Create pieced borders to complement your original quilt design, and explore custom quilt layouts.

See how the new Serendipity feature can transform your blocks, add text to make unique art quilts, and become proficient with the printing options.

... Shirley Goodwin

Here are three designs Shirley put together in no time at all. You too can accomplish these and more as Shirley shows you how.

Applique quilt made in Electric Quilt 7

Applique and Patchwork quilt

serendipity quilt Made in Electric Quilt 7

Quilt using the serendipity feature in EQ7

colorful teapot quilt made in EQ7

Colorful teapot quilt made in EQ7

About EQ7 - The Next Step: Now that you have a working knowledge of EQ7, let Shirley show you how to fully utilize the powerful drawing tools to create complex pieced and appliqué blocks, motifs and stencils. You will learn how to edit, resize, rotate, clone, partition and flip your designs. Shirley will also show you how to create quilt designs that combine both pieced and appliqué blocks and you will learn how to experiment with EQ7‘s wide range of printing options, design custom layouts and work with the exciting new Serendipity feature. Read more....

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