Two Fabric Applique Choices

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Nancy Chong's Two Fabric Applique class is starting this week so she wanted to share some important information about the right fabrics to choose when you enroll in her applique class.

Fabric Considerations: I prefer to use 100% cotton fabrics because they are user friendly, last a long time, are readily available, are easy to care for and are easy to hand appliqué. However, you can use any fabric you want.

It is very important that you choose two fabrics that allow you to see the appliqué design clearly from at least 10 feet away. The best way to accomplish that is to choose two fabrics that contrast strongly with each other. Avoid pairing medium value fabrics or using printed fabrics that distract from the image being appliquéd. Select fabrics that read as one color or value when viewed from 10 feet away. The fabric can be a solid, tone-on-tone, texture, hand-dye, batik or subtle prints.

two fabric applique choice

Even though these fabrics are prints, they read as nearly solid

two fabric applique badchoice

It would be nearly impossible to find a background fabric that would show off the appliqué design using these high-contrast prints.

As you decide on your two fabrics, remember that you should use your most attention-getting fabric as the appliqué fabric. With the 2FAQ quilt concept, you can use either the lighter or darker fabric for the appliqué. There are no rules about this decision. The viewer’s eye will always be drawn to the busier of the two fabrics, and you want that eye to go immediately to your appliqué design, not the background.

I usually select my applique fabric first. It is the attention-getter I cannot live without. Then I find a background fabric that makes my applique fabric look stunning. My backgrounds are often solid or very subtle prints, so everyone's eye will be drawn to the applique fabric.

two fabric applique 1 two fabric applique 2

Here are two photos that illustrate the visual impact of the applique fabric.
Because there is more applique fabric visible, it commands your attention.

I will give you more instruction in Lesson One about selecting your two fabrics, but this should point you in the right direction.

....Nancy Chong

About Two Fabric Applique: In this class, Nancy teaches you how to hand appliqué using her unique stress-free needleturn techniques while making one of the three designs she created just for her online students. You will also learn how to use her patterns for machine appliqué and raw edge appliqué. Read more...


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