Unconventional Methods of Quilt Making

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Waves and Waterfalls class is a great place to start to learn how to make fabric wall hangings out of your photos, especially of anyplace that involves water. In this class, you will not use conventional methods of making quilts, but will try something different, something that stretches you like a rubber band, so you’ll never be quite the same. We’ll be playing with lots of products that will spur your creativity into new paths, as you find out what fun it is to make your own, realistic waves and waterfalls.

We start by making a simple wave,waves and waterfalls

Then we start with a photo of a wave, sketch it, distort it a bit, draw it out, then paint and embellish it until we have a cresting wave.waves and waterfalls

waves and waterfallsThen add a focal point of seabirds flying into the wave. We quilt these, bind them, then move on to capturing another ocean scene, but with more seafoam and a person as focal point. In Lesson Three.

We are mostly interested in the background scene, the water, waves, mist, sea foam and sand, so you have the tools to make something like the picture below, after you have added a focal point and some local fauna.waves and waterfalls

We create this beach scene using invisible machine appliqué, fused Angelina fibers, heated sheer fabrics, puff paint sandy beach, painted and fused birds, and hand painted person.

As a bonus project, you get to make your own, inimitable, sandy beach.waves and waterfalls


“There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Then it’s time to move on to making waterfalls, starting with Yosemite Falls, which has a painted sky, burnt-edge distant mountains, invisibly machine appliquéd hills, and painted and fused main waterfall.waves and waterfalls

Then add thread painted redwoods in the foreground.waves and waterfalls

In the last two lessons, we discuss various methods of making waterfalls, illustrated with lots of pictures in process, and encourage you to create your own waterfall.

In addition, we experiment with various methods of making trees and leaves – using Fiber Etch, LutraDur, Solvy, Puff Paint, roving, and other products to make them. There is also a bonus project where you get to play with these things, plus MistyFuse and paint powders, melted, painted, cellophane, and much more.waves and waterfalls b8

At all times, of course, you can come to the Classroom and ask questions about your own, individual, creation, and post pictures in the Gallery of how you’re doing. I encourage lots of sharing and hope you all will have a great time and come to the Classroom to keep us all posted!

Watch out for the rapids!waves and waterfalls

... Linda Schmidt

About Waves & Waterfalls: explore of many non-traditional techniques for making moving water, including twisted tuck waves and painted waves. You will embellish with beads, Angelina, Tinzl and Shiva Paintstiks. In the first three lessons, you will make waves. Lessons Four through Six start with a photo of Yosemite Falls and advance to a waterfall of your own creation. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. read more....


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