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I'm curious! How and when did you learn about color? Do you rely on what you learned in your schooldays? Have you taken formal color or quilters' classes? Do you still struggle with color? Do you work intuitively?

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I was lucky. I was a painter before I became a quilter. I think my husband always rather regretted agreeing to babysit for six Monday nights so I could take an oil painting class. That class literally changed my life. Art, like music, drama, dance, or writing had always seemed like things for special people with talent not ordinary people like me. I wasn't ordinary after all!

We formed a small monthly painting group and the first thing we did was spend an entire year studying color. We learned how to mix the colors we wanted. We learned how to put colors together. But most important of all, we learned to trust our intuitions.

When I became a quilter I was constantly frustrated because I could not find the fabric colors I wanted. Then I took a fabric dyeing class. I soon realized that I was an artist, not a chemist. My "pinch of this and dab of that" approach to dyeing was a lot more fun than formal recipes. It also reinforced my intuitive sense of color.

A fabric store clerk told me one time that she loved watching me choose fabrics. I would finally home in on a certain fabric, then carry that bolt around, holding it against the rows of fabric until I found the combinations I liked. Apparently she didn't see that approach too often!

This Creative Color class is based on many years of both formal and intuitive use of color. What is my favorite color? All of them! I am an artist, after all.

                                                - Lily Kerns

About Creative Color: Creative Color starts by making you aware of what you already know about using color and then moves into discovering color in the world around you. Lily's process class will enhance your knowledge of color, whether you are a novice or an expert. Interactive exercises let you play with the colors right on the screen. You can complete your exercises in fabric, colored paper or play with computer graphics. Use the learning tools that work for you. To find out more about Lily, visit her website at: http://beyondpatterns.com


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