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Elizabeth Barton's Fall Study yellow & orange range of fabricsWho am I writing about, what can we learn from this artist? What designs can WE make?

In 1932 she began her ‘space’ paintings, in which the grounds were divided along a symmetrical grid, with each resultant area bisected and joined by geometric elements.

Now you may wonder why I am telling you this!! It is to show you how these artists set specific parameters for themselves….you can do this too, or you can follow parameters I will set you. Either is fine.

As she continued to work she added in more colors and began to make the distinction between figure and ground much more ambiguous. And, as time went on, she changed her modus operandi several more times – each time, however, exploring the new ideas and motifs thoroughly.

If you come across other abstract artists while you are looking up these ladies, give yourself time to explore and especially to think: do I like that? Why? How did they do it?

Okay so now…..Let’s get to some designing our selves!​

...Elizabeth Barton

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Four rooms with a view by Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth's abstract quilt "Four Rooms With A View"

Fall Study of yellow and orange fabrics

Elizabeth's Fall Study of yellow and orange

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