Why should one work in a series?

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Elizabeth Barton's online workshop "Working in Series" is starting this week, Friday May 1st and she shares with us why one should work in a series.

Why should one work in a series?

  • to develop your own style, a consistency in your way of doing things
  • to avoid putting too many ideas into one piece
  • to get better at an idea/technique through practice
  • to give yourself a chance to explore an idea more thoroughly
  • it forces you to focus
  • it helps you to think about the subject’s subtleties
  • it enables you to broaden your creative vision within that theme
  • to stretch yourself
  • to help generate more ideas
  • to improve your work​

... Elizabeth Barton

And here are some works from Elizabeth's students in an earlier session of this class...

cilla 1 tulip series - set of three quilts

Cilla's tulip series

These following images are Shirley's work on a circle study.

shirley fractured circles study Apr 9 2014

shirley bllue circles resized Mar 27 2014

shirley fractured circle study 3

shirley fractured circle study Apr 15 2014

About Working In Series: Improve your skills and grow as an artist by focusing on a single idea or technique as you make a series of art quilts. Exercises in the first two lessons of this master class will help you clarify your ideas and choose a theme. By Lesson Three, you will be designing and working on your own series. The last two lessons provide examples of series work and delve into more detail on design and art tools. Award-winning quilt artist, Elizabeth will provide individual critiques and guide you through the design process. Read more...


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