You don’t need to be a great artist to design your own fabric.

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If you thought you had to be an artist to design your own fabric, think again! You can turn this...

"marker mania" by Pat Daniels - plain colored fabric

into this...

"marker mania" by Pat Daniels - scribbled fabric

into this...

Sunrise Sunset by Pat Daniels

or even this...

Duet For Celestial Bodies by Pat Daniels

Join Pat Daniels in Marker Mania this month to get 30% off her online workshop. Purchase now and start any time you like. Get one-to-one help, suggestions and guidance from Pat as you work at making your own original fabric.

About Marker Mania: This on-demand workshop introduces the use of all sorts of fabric and paper markers to produce a little stained glass quilt called ‘Sunrise-Sunset’ or a slightly more ambitious one called 'Duet For Celestial Bodies'. You will work with all sorts of fabric markers to create the flames for either of these quilts. And you can learn about making your own bias tape. As an alternative to the usual fabric choices, you can hark back to your crayon days (or maybe get your kids to help with this step) as you draw with fabric markers to color your own, unique fabric. No artistic flare is necessary! Read more...


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