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I cannot believe that I have blogged for 365 days in a row, but I have. When I first decided to join Cricket's blog challenge, I thought I must be crazy and I didn't want to be crazy alone, so I invited Jennifer Houlden into the challenge as well. I think we have both kept each other on track. 

The idea was to publish a blog post each and every day of 2013, today being the last day. We both achieved it. In fact, I started a couple of days early and have post 367 days in a row.

So what have I blogged about this entire year? I had organized some weekly blog subjects such as my "quilting by photo inspiration" and my "weekly flowers", which in turn become a BOW program (block of the week flower program). I made 52 different flower blocks (actually there are a couple of extras not published, but more about those on another day).

Some of my favorite quilting designs were:

Inspired from a palm tree

Inspired by a pumpkin

Inspired by an applique cut out

You can see them all here: Quilting Blogs

Some of my favorite flower blocks were:

Cally Lily

Black-eyed Susan Vine


Actually, I have many favorites you can find the entire list on yesterday's blog post.

In my year of blog posts I included over 50 free tutorials and patchwork blocks. My favorite block in this collection was Girl's Favorite 2. I just loved the colors I used for this one.

I also reviewed many online classes and quilt patterns that I was working on during the year.

Halfway through the year I introduced Stitch Along Sunday. I've had a lot of fun with this and want to continue it through 2014. Maybe some more of you will join in.

Other blog post included recipes, jigsaws, news and a gallery of students work. It's been fun bringing my readers each and every one.

So what's planned for the new year, 2014? Be sure to stay tuned in.

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