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Mostly I'm known for my applique flowers and bargello quilts but sometimes I also make animals, insects and birds. Today I want to share some of those with you.

Even though insects are not my favorite living things, other than butterflies, I've made a number of different ones as I find them much easier to make than large animals or birds to create. Usually these are basic designs just to add a little extra character to a quilt.

A Second View has three insects and a spider too. A butterfly is in the top right border, a ladybug is near the bottom right corner on a leaf and a dragonfly is midway along the bottom border. The spider is hanging from a web in the top left corner.

A Second View

Close up of Ladybug

Another piece I made had three-demensional insects - butterflies and a dragonfly. I really liked the dragonfly on this.

3-d butterflies

3-d dragonfly

Butterfly Kisses has a large butterfly in the center and small butterflies in each corner point.

Butterfly Kisses

My favorite butterfly is one I made for Array of Color. I have free instructions to make this on the website.

Array of Color butterfly

I have not made many birds, but do have some. I've made two fantails (a native New Zealand bird) on different pieces.


Fantail on "A Touch of New Zealand"

And I have also stitched a hawk in Fuchsia Falls.

Hawk on "Fuchsia Falls"

The largest bird I have made was a stained glass bird I made for my mother many years ago.

Stained Glass bird

I have made a few fish as well. Another quilt for my mother was Denizens of the Deep.

Denizens of the Deep

I made a series of aquarium type quilts which are presented as an online class - "Pacific Aquarium".

Pacific Aquarium


The most animals I have made was all in one quilt - country farm quilt. These include a cat, sheep, cow, horses, calves and pigs. It also included pieced butterflies, a rooster and an owl.

A Day in the Country

Rooster from A Day in the Country

Pig from A Day in the Country

My most noted animal however is Midnight.


I have made a bull and lion too - if you can count the signs of the zodiac.

Have you made any animals?



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