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I thought it might be fun to show you some of the different art quilts I have made over the years when I realized that there is no way I could fit them all into one post so I decided I should select some categories and present several posts over the coming weeks. Today is the first group - landscapes.

The following quilts are just some of the landscapes I've done, most use different techniques, but all include free-motion stitching which is my favorite technique of all. All my landscapes are based on scenes around New Zealand, mainly Nelson my hometown. They all have their own stories too.

This first piece I have actually made three times - this is the third edition. The landscape is created using freezer paper applique. The first time I made it was for a class I was teaching on freezer paper techniques. It had strawberries around the frame. These were also made using freezer paper. The second piece I included machine embroidery around the outside as an added technique for the class and I only made the third because the second one sold and I needed a new class sample. The third certainly was an improvement on the other two and thus it was turned into a pattern. "A Second View".

A Second View

Scenic Lake (one of Nelson's beautiful lakes) was created after a weekend's relaxation or was it? I was developing a new technique and I wanted to get just the right photo to make this piece so we took a day trip to walk completely around the lake. It was a 9 hour trek and would you believe, I used the photo I took in the first 5 minutes of the day's hike.

Scenic Lake

I made Scenic Lake into a pattern and taught this design as a beginner's class in layered applique for many years. I now present an advance course of this technique at Quilt University. Some years later, I decided this piece needed more color. This was the result.

Scenic Lake in new colors

The next scenes were yet another technique I was developing. I was working on a series of art pieces for a gallery at the time. The first "Redwood Valley" is one of my favorites. It is looking out my sewing room window down our driveway to the road beyond with the morning sun shining through.

Redwood Valley

The second in the series is from the same location on another day. We happened to have a number of amazing sunrises one week when the sky was so red, thus this had to be a quilt.

Sunrise over Richmond

The next two pieces are driving through the mountains from Christchurch to Nelson via the Lewis pass, both in different areas. The first is near the top of the summit.

Snow Capped

This is a view on the Christchurch side of the Lewis Pass.

Through The Lewis

The latter piece I developed further by making a window frame as if one was looking outside. This was also presented in the gallery showing and was sold at the opening.

Thru the Lewis with mountain daisy

The same technique used in the quilts above I worked on some more and presented one piece as part of a class at Quilt University. The scene is at Akaroa Point. A beautiful scene off a beaten track that not too many know about. Luckily for me my son-in-law knew of this location.


"One Spring Morn" is the only scene I have made from a location in the North Island. I captured the photo when I was with my daughter on a soccer trip. It was early spring and in the midst of the tournament, the weather turned nasty. It got very cold and some of the players ended up in hospital with hypothermia. The next day however, we had the most beautiful show of snow all over the mountain and the tournament continued. This piece now hangs in my mother's home as this was the area she was born and lived until she married and moved to Nelson.

One Spring Morn

This last piece for show today, is one of my favorites. I made it for a competition where all accepted would travel to various countries around the world. "Native NZ" was accepted for exhibition and has travelled further afield than me. I did see it displayed in this last place of exhibit at one of the New Zealand symposiums where I happened to be teaching that year.

Native New Zealand


Close up showing the Kowhai flowers

My delight with this piece was one day after arriving home from teaching all day, I picked up the mail from the box and dropped it on the table to look at later while I prepared dinner. It was later when I picked up the mail and noticed a large envelope addressed to me, that I wondered what it was as I didn't remember ordering anything. The postmarked showed it came from the United Kingdom, which made me even more curious. On opening the envelope I found a magazine. I couldn't figure it out. Why was I getting a magazine from England? I flicked through the pages, it was all about quilting. I flicked through again and then I saw, my quilt, in a full page of color print. There was an article about the exhibition and my quilt was featured. What a wonderful surprise that was to be recognized as a quilt artist from around the other side of the world.

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  • I feel quite nostalgic,reading your blog Ruth to think of the journey you have travelled since your first quilting lesson. Well Done !!

    Posted by Joan, 31/03/2013 10:26pm (9 years ago)

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