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Recently I visited Hoffman Fabrics as I am making a quilt for their Quilt Market booth again this year. I love working with their fabrics, my only problem is, there are so many beautiful ones it is really hard to choose .... and then when you do, which fabrics you'll need to create a design, a design you haven't even thought up yet. Let the fun begin...

Of course, after my visit and selection, my head started spinning with ideas. I couldn't sleep that night as I was designing in my head. I hadn't brought the fabrics home with me, which turned out to be a good thing because that night in my designing dreams, I decided I was going to be short some fabrics. Bright and early the next morning (about 4am) I just had to get in touch with Sandy at Hoffman Fabrics (via email, I couldn't wake her that early!) and ask if she could possibly include a few more. I knew exactly what I wanted so it wasn't hard to describe.

Well, my fabrics arrived. I took them out of the box and just laid them out on my table and admired them. 

Hoffman Fabrics

My selection of Hoffman Fabrics for their booth quilt

Sometimes it's really hard to get yourself to want to cut into them, they are all so beautiful.... hence they lay on my cutting table being admired for a day or so. I had an idea, but it wasn't detailed enough to begin cutting yet nor to know which fabric would go where.

Electric Quilt is a great program and I knew if I designed at least part of the quilt it would give me a good start. I certainly like designing the background in EQ so that's what I did. I pulled up a few different blocks to work with, played for quite a while and then decided on one I thought would work best for my idea.

From there, I worked out an appropriate sizing to fit the block I was using and what I wanted to do with it. You see, I can never seem to use a block just the way it is, I need to add my own "signature" you might say as I'm not a quilter who enjoys block constructing unless I make it a little more interesting for myself. I certainly did with this one.

Once the background design was sorted, I decided it was actually time to being cutting and seeing how these fabrics would come together. First I tried different combinations in EQ and then I headed to the cutting table.

I cut squares, rectangles and triangles....

Hoffman Fabrics squares, triangles and rectangles

Time to start cutting squares, triangles and rectangles

Then I did a little piecing, half square triangles and flying geese units....

Hoffman Fabrics pieced into half square triangles and flying geese

Pieced half square triangles and flying geese

And you know I just could not pass up an opportunity to add some applique so the fusible webbing came into play.... drawing, cutting and ironing.

Hoffman Fabrics applique pieces

Fun with fusible webbing and applique

So there you have my fabrics and a few hints to where I'm going with them, but right now, I'm sorry you don't get to see more. It is only partial as a test run for the overall design and changes are likely to happen. The beginning idea never ends up as a quilt, it tends to grow along the way. I can promise though, that when the design is completed and the pattern written, I'll give you an update.

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