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I've been tagged! It's the "Around the World Blog hop" and I've been tagged by Cindy Foster of Oregon.  Cindy is a quilter and designer, currently working towards her local Christmas Bazaar, and operates her own company "Carter Creek Quilts".

As part of this Around the World blog hop we are assigned questions to answer:

  1. What am I currently working on? 
  2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
  3. Why do I write/create what I do?
  4. How does my writing/creative process work?

To see how others have responded to these questions, track back to Cindy's blog post and follow the trail. It's a good time to find out more about Cindy too!

So on with my answers to these questions...

1: What am I currently working on?

I often work on multiple things at once, especially at this time of year, but my main projects this year, have been a small series of landscapes. I had intended to have more finished so may need to carry the theme through into 2015, we'll see, it's always good to start afresh though. Two landscapes already finished are "The Vineyard" and "Moon Lake" and a third is almost ready to release.

I cannot show you the finished quilt of the third, but here is a teaser of a small portion. Can you imagine the rest?

Work in progress

My next scene - close up

candy sweet for amyI took a break last week from my landscapes to make my grandchildren a couple of gifts. A purse made from my Candy Sweet pattern for Amy shown here (for more details check out my recent blog post) and a tablet cover for Thomas, knowing that he has a tablet coming for Christmas. I haven't blogged about that one yet, but I will, later. You might like to know I used my free class design to make it though.

2: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work often involves a combination of techniques, a mix of traditional turned non-traditional, inspired by nature and always includes free-motion in one form or another, applique and/or quilting. It is a rare quilt of mine not to have free-motion in some form. A good example of my style is the quilt "Simply Sunflowers". The background is pieced - based originally on the log cabin block, but turned non-traditional by using varying sized strips in a color wash effect. It includes sunflowers which I created by taking my own photos to draw an original design and finished off with free-motion echo quilting.

I really enjoy taking a traditional block and changing it into a non-traditional quilt then adding applique - usually flowers of some sort. Yes, I'd have to say flowers are my thing especially after completing 52 different flower blocks last year, one each week for the entire year.

More examples of traditional style turned non-traditional are my Bargello quilts. This one in particular where I have partially used fractures and added applique to the mix.

3: Why do I write/create what I do?

I consider writing and creating an art and I love art! It's a lot of fun. I have a head fill of designs and ideas waiting to come to life. When a creation starts.... and right through till the very last stitch or word, there is such an enjoyment, an excitement, an eagerness to get to the next stage... and then afterward, a sense of achievement and reward for transforming a thought or idea in my mind into reality. Such a satisfying feeling. 

This expression of feeling is what I try to pass on to my students as a teacher. Teaching, helping and watching my students grow and achieve is another satisfying feeling because as a teacher I can feel what they feel as they create their own work of art, and knowing I have helped them achieve that, is the icing on the cake, so to speak.

4: How does my writing/creative process work?

As mentioned above, a creation comes from my mind. Often it is sparked by nature. Everywhere I look, I transform things into quilts in my mind. Many stick, others are lost if not written down or photographed. I'm sure you'd be amazed at what I can turn into a virtual quilt. Their beginning may start from a simple straight line.

When I do start with an idea, I often make use of my camera, particularly if it is a flower or landscape. I always take many shots, collecting different angles and details. From these photos I draw a sketch to get the proportions and shapes right. Yet other times, if I'm working with a block background, I use the aid of Electric Quilt. During any creation I use a number of tools, from a simple pencil and paper to sophisticated computer software.

As I settle on my design, I start creating it, but it will change in the process often reaching quite a different destination than my first thoughts. I take notes as I go and plenty of photos too as almost all I design will be transformed into a quilt pattern or online class.

Unfortunately these days, I have less time to create and design as much of my time is taken up with my business Arbee Designs and the Academy of Quilting.  My goal next year is to get a few more designs created!

Well, as you can see, I do like to write and congratulations if you are still reading! At times I find it difficult to stop, but I cannot finish yet without mentioning who I have tagged. That would be Lily Kerns. Lily is an amazing creative artist, designer and teacher who continues to learn all the mod technology so she may create interesting and wonderful classes for her students to have the best learning experiences. Lily already has 10 online classes at the Academy of Quilting and is currently working on her next. Check out what else she is doing by visiting her website: Beyond Patterns

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