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Posted by Ruth on 15 April 2012 | 2 Comments
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Today I had fun with my friend Sue, sewing a project for me. I had an idea and it will grow as I work on it so this blog post will continue on as I find time each month to work on it. This will be my Connect Threadz sew-in project for quite a few months to come.

I started out by selecting a heap of blue fabrics - blue being my favorite color of course - and I am very fortunate to have a wonderful friend with a huge stash who wants some of it gone so we found extra blues in her stash just waiting to find a home.

a collection of blue fabrics

I didn't use a lot, just a couple of 2.5" strips of each fabric so her stash didn't go down as much as she would have liked.

2.5" strips cut ready to sew

After the strips were all cut, it was time to start piecing. I cut the strips in half and joined two together, then pressed and cut those in half too. This way I could mix them all up but still keep sewing strips instead of squares. The result was pale blue nine-patches with background square alternating.

Pale blue nine-patches completed

I only needed nine of those, so I quickly moved on to the two-tone blue nine-patches. I did the same thing, mixing up the fabrics. No block has the same fabric twice and they alternate between light and dark.

Now working on two-tone blue nine-patches

Unfortunately the day ran out too soon, as it does when one is sewing, so I still have a bunch of nine-patches to sew the last strip onto. That's for another day.

Adding the last row of squares

What do you think so far? Any idea what I'm going to be making with all these nine-patches? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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  • Triple Irish Chain Quilt. The colors are so warm and sunny. Love them.

    Posted by Diane Mannion, 16/04/2012 8:30pm (10 years ago)

  • Come shop in my stash any time! I had fun too.

    Posted by Sue Salinger, 16/04/2012 10:55am (10 years ago)

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