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Last weekend I showed you fabrics that one of my pattern testers had planned to use for the project I'd given her. If you missed last weeks fabrics, you can find it here: Pattern TestingThis week she has sent me an update.

Here is her photo of two of the blocks made with some of the fabrics.

Kari's test blocks

Okay, so do you recognize the two blocks? I'm sure you do, but the pattern isn't just a standard block pattern. I'll be sharing more about it later next week when I hope Kari will have another update for me.

In the meantime, I have been asked by several why I use three or four testers per pattern. The answer is simple. Even though we are testing a pattern, one tester might find an error that another does not. For this particular pattern, I was pleased that all three testers found that two of the pictures were reversed. Knowing that error meant I could fix it before it went to print. In another case, one tester found a typo that another didn't, yet that tester find one the first did not. You can see why I like to have several testers working on the same pattern. I do my best to eliminate as many errors as possible.

If you are interested in testing patterns check out my website: application form .

Are you wondering where the rest of the fabrics will be used? Remember to check back next week for another update.


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