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Posted by Ruth on 18 May 2013 | 0 Comments
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Recently I have been working on a new pattern. The pattern is patchwork with a small amount of applique and celtic work, although the quilt would look really nice without the applique and celitic too.

This pattern is not quite ready yet (should be by end of month) as it is still at the pattern testers being tested so I cannot show you a photo of the finished quilt. But I can share with you the fabrics Kari (one of my testers) has chosen to make the quilt. They are beautiful.

Kari's fabrics

I am always looking out for volenteers to test patterns. If you are interested in testing patterns, you can fill in our simple application form 

I will update you with Kari's progress so watch this space. I can guarantee that with those fabrics it is going to be beautiful.

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