Santa Sack for Thomas

Posted by Ruth on 29 October 2013 | 0 Comments

For some time now my daughter has been asking me if I was going to make Thomas, my grandson a Christmas sack. Even though this Christmas is his second, we were all surprised when he arrived last Christmas eve. Of course, no time to make a Christmas sack! So this year I made him a special sack.

We all know little boys love trains so I decided to make a nice bright train for Thomas's sack. I selected a pale blue, snowy fabric for the background and lots of bright colors for the lettering, applique and trims for the front.

I cut the sack section large enough to fold in half to make the back as well because I wanted to make the train track continue around the back. It took quite some time to get all those railway track pieces in place, not to mention stitch them down, but it was lots of fun.

Now that it is sewn together to make the sack, you can see how the track goes around the back.

Thomas's eyes lit up when he saw his Santa Sack for the first time, but I think he will enjoy it even more once it is full of gifts to open.

This design is unique for my grandson, but if you need a design to make your own Christmas sack, take a look at Jennifer Houlden's collection. You can click the images to find out more about each design.



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