ABC's Baby Quilt

Posted by Ruth on 26 March 2013 | 3 Comments
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I've been wanting to make a block from the ABC quilt for a while. I'd really like to make them all, but let's start with one.

ABC baby quilt

I decided I would make the letter T. Why T? Because T is for Thomas, my grandson and I need to make him something special - I have an idea but more about that later.

The pattern gives two options on how to make each block. You can use a fabric square and paint in the colored area (the pattern gives full details on how) or you can piece the block together. I decided on the latter. I decided to make my block blue, using a pale blue dyed fabric for the colored area. I went ahead and cut out the pieces.

pieces cut out

It was easy to piece so I had that done in no time at all. 

background pieced

Next I drew the letter T and pieces for the turtle onto fusible and pressed them to the back of the fabrics. 

fusible web pressed on

And proceeded to cut them out.

cutting out

I drew the stitching lines through to the right side of the fabric (I used a light box to help me) and then press them together on my Teflon Sheet. 

turtle assembled on teflon sheet

I like this process because you can see how it all looks together before it is adhered to the background. The turtle peels right off the Teflon Sheet in one piece and the fusible stays in tact. I can then position it on the background and move it around if I wish before ironing it down. You couldn't do that easily if all those pieces weren't stuck together.

I added the turtle and the letter, then pressed them in place. 

T and turtle added to background

Opps I forgot one part, but it doesn't matter. I got a little excited about getting the turtle onto the block that I forgot to draw in the letter lines for the word below the colored area. I'd better do that now. The pattern says you can embroider the lines in, but there is no reason why you cannot use a fabric pen like I did. It does need to be a fabric pen though, you don't want the lines to run or smudge.

Drawing with permanent fabric pen

Next I used my silver quilter's pencil to print the word Turtle on the lines. Maybe this will be Thomas's first word! It really pays to use the stabilizer underneath as the pattern suggests. It makes it so much easier to write the words.

Used quilter's pencil to write turtle

Now time to pick some threads to work with. Pull a strand out and lay it across the block. This is a much better way to see if the thread will work than looking at the whole spool next to the applique.

Threads to use

I decided in the end, that I preferred to stitch those lines in. I used the machine and went over the lines a couple of times so they would show up well using the darkest thread.

Stitched lines

At this point, because I'm not going to be making the full quilt (as I mentioned above, I have another idea for my blocks), I layered my block with cotton batting and a backing fabric. I will stitch through all the layers when stitching the applique. Normally, you would join all the blocks together before layering them.

First I used the darkest thread and quilted using stitch-in-the-ditch around the colored area. I used the walking foot to do this. This made a bit of an outline which I wanted. It also helped to secure the layers together so I could stitch the inside.


I used my favorite method of applique - free-motion edge stitch. This meant I could stitch in the additional lines as I went, like the toenails, without stopping and starting. I used the light thread for the eyes and mouth.

free-motion stitched

I added some blue dots to make eyeballs with my fabric pen and added a touch of red to the mouth. That looks much better now.

a little highlight to the eyes and mouth

Last but not least, I stitched in the word. To brighten it up a little, I used orange thread. 

Finished T block

What do you think? I really had fun with this and think I might just need to make another block next week. What letter should I make?

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  • Very pretty! The orange lettering is a nice contrast with the all blue block.

    Posted by Linda , 02/04/2013 12:32pm (9 years ago)

  • I was thinking along those lines Stephanie

    Posted by Ruth, 31/03/2013 12:15pm (9 years ago)

  • Yay! It looks wonderful! You could make the letters homes next, LOL

    Posted by Stephanie, 27/03/2013 8:01am (9 years ago)

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