April Showers

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What's under the needle this week? I've been playing with a new art quilt and having lots of fun. Check out the following photos...

april showers ladder stitch beads

I used decorative thread, applique, couching and beads...

april showers ladder stitch couching

Someone asked me recently, what is couching? So for those of you who do not know, it is when you stitch thick thread, yarn or cord such as art yarn (you can see some art yarn I made in the photo above) on top of your surface. These thicker threads/yarns are too large to go through your sewing machine so are attached on top using a zigzag stitch. You can make some really interesting effects! 

One of my favorite stitches is ladder stitch, you can use it in many various ways to create different textures!

april showers closeup

I had so much fun with this that I decided to write it as a pattern, naming my quilt "April Showers". This pattern includes all the stitching designs shown in the photos as well as templates for the umbrellas and background. One of the great advantages of this pattern is, you can adjust it easily to suit the area you want to display it in.

april showers oct2018 300

Here are a few tips in the making of this quilt....

If you are using a very light fabric as the canopy fabric, cut the excess handle section away from behind the canopy to prevent it showing through, however, be sure to leave at least 1/8" extension on each piece of the handle as an underlay.

april showers shadowing

Cut away excess fabric on handle so there is no shadowing under the canopy

To ensure the facing does not show on the front of quilt do this: (facing instructions are included in pattern) After attaching the facing as instructed, open the facing so the front of quilt and facing lay flat with the seam allowance pushed toward the facing. Top stitch along each edge on the facing approximately 1/8" from the seam, stitching in as close to the corners as possible. (You won't be able to stitch all the way) This simple step makes a huge difference to the finish as it is so much easier to ensure the facing isn't showing on the front.

april showers facing 5

There are more useful tips included in the pattern which you can purchase here: April Showers quilt pattern

Happy Quilting!

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