Credit card and Debit card Fraud - you can protect yourself

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I was horrified when I read the news and watched a demonstration on how easy it was to steal someone's credit and debit card information yesterday.... and what's more, you don't even know it is happening!

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You see, there are new credit and debit cards being issued with a RFID chip (that's a radio frequency identification chip) installed in them and often we don't even know we have them. I suggest you check your cards now. I did and discovered my mastercard and debit card has one of these chips installed in it. How can I tell? My master card has "PayPass" written on it and my debit card has "Blink". If you have the words "PayPass", "Blink" or "PayWave" on any of your credit or debit cards, or a little radio wave icon similar to what you see here, then your card has a RFID chip.

What do these chips do? They can be activited at checkouts to pay for your purchase without you swiping your card. Sounds good, but the downside is, thieves can easily obtain this information without you even taking the card out of your wallet, with an electronic device which can easily be obtained.

Ok so what can we do about this? Obviously, we don't want to give up our credit and debit cards. Yes there is a solution. What we can do is protect our information by wrapping the card in aluminum foil to prevent the data being emitted. It's as simple as that. Using this information, I decided that aluminum foil wasn't a very attactive way to carry cards around so I designed a card holder that is lined with aluminum foil. In the last 24 hours, with little sleep, I've perfected the design and written up instructions so you too can protect yourself from this fraud. The pattern is available on our website right now at a very low price of just US$1.49 - an instant download so you can make one too, right now.

Stay safe and protect your info and cards today!

These card holders are quick and easy to make, use scraps of fabric and you can be protected in no time at all. Make one for yourself, your friends and family and protect them as well. Get your card holder pattern without delay >>


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