Developing Applique Techniques for more than 37 years

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Morning Glory block applique and embroidered by Ruth BlanchetThis year my goal is to do more quilting... a lot more quilting. As always, I have lots of quilt ideas floating around in my head, most of them involve applique... and I know I need to get them out. I've already made a start by creating my new Morning Glory block. Originally designed for my BOM Spring Life program, I rearranged it to create a whole new design and of course, I now have this available on my website: Morning Glory design

But I'm not just going to be creating new quilts and designs, I'm going to be testing old techniques I've learned or developed over the years and revamp them to make them easier or just to put my own "spin" on it. There's no denying though, that my all-time favorite applique technique is my own original method that I have developed over my 37 years of quilting... a technique I call soft-edge applique. This technique is the one I share in many of my patterns and online workshops. 

Spring Life quilt designed and made by Ruth BlanchetI actually started this plan of revisiting applique techniques back in October last year, just before I released my BOM Spring Life program as I wanted to include several variations of applique that my students could try and use to make their own version of Spring Life. I ended up using 4 different techniques...

- Hand Applique (this is where I started and fell in love with applique all those years ago)

- Blanket Stitch Applique (an applique technique I discovered and developed as a quicker method of creating and ideal for writing patterns)

- Soft-edge Applique (my own original style created from my love of free-motion quilting and applique)

- Brittingham Applique (a technique I learned online back in 2004 by Susan. Sadly Susan has passed on but I feel her technique should not be lost)

So my BOM program includes all these techniques and to date, 28 videos showing how to create my Spring Life quilt with more to come as each part is released. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I think my favorite part though is watching my students create their version of Spring Life as they upload photos and keep me updated with their progress in the classroom discussion... they have access to 24/7 for as long as they need so I hope they keep on posting! Check the information below if you would like to find out more about my BOM program.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep on quilting. Here is a hint of what I'm doing, any idea what it might turn into?

new applique project by Ruth Blanchet

More about BOM Spring Life program: This is a 10 part BOM program to make Ruth's BOM quilt Spring Life which includes 6 different butterflies and 4 flower designs. The entire program includes full applique instructions with alternative methods of applique and videos to show you how. Each part includes at least one helpful video. Also included is a learning discussion forum for questions and answers for as long as you need to complete the project. Find out more ...


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