Fiesta Bargello quilted

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Last week I told you about Fiesta Bargello and showed photos of me putting it together. This week I want to share with you how I quilted it. Often for bargello quilts, I will just quilt wavy lines along the design, but this time I wanted to do something a little different.

I used a simple heart shape and linked them together with a free-motion meander in between the dark rows of bargello. The hearts twisted one way and then the other. I used an open meander in between the rows along the dark bargello pieces to fill in the open spaces.

heart quilting

You can see this a little better on the back.

back of quilt

I did a similar thing along the border but this time the hearts were facing all the same way and I kept the meandering swirl the same between each heart.

fiesta bargello border

This will be one design I will be demonstrating in my machine quilting class starting on 21st March. Check it out: Machine Quilting online class

For more info about Fiesta: Fiesta Quilt pattern (it is now available as a hardcopy as well as download)

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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